Artist: Time Shadow
Band: The TomorrowBand
Project title: TOMORROW
Culture: Peace
Follower of the Prince of Peace

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I believe that Time is just a shadow, a cast transitional stream of yesterday's light, waking up today into tomorrow. Tomorrow's shadow is today, for yesterday's dreamers.

I live a simple life, I like to plant seeds, pull weeds, prune trees, find a clear path for vines to survive…I never give up on a plant that is dying. I guess I'm always trying to be like Ruby the musician, my mother, who could turn a dry twig into a flower. She had the crazy green thumb. I've never seen her give up on the worst of her music students…she kept it simple, and the result was always a miracle. Rest in peace Ma.

I'm aspiring to do the same, in my music…simple pop melodies riding a variety of Afro/Caribbean rhythms, tribal but electronic, rhyming lyrics of truth, the root that bares fruit of liberation. It will never deceive us, only free us.

We are living in times where human blindness, is void of kindness now considered weakness. We are now the world of no feelings, in dyer need of healing, drowning away pain with entertainment, defying the gravity of reality, we board a temporary flight, away from our tears and fears, from the mess we never confess.... The duress of stress. Lets confess, we run from the sick and impaired, as if smeared with a species of feces, that must be washed off, bagged and dumped... Branded and stranded.

They used to be our loved ones, now they're just the forgotten ones.

One goal of TmeShadow is to assassinate stress, and raise world awareness to the power of peace, which is unsustainable without love, an unbreakable link. Peace and Love are the twins, that win, bringing us together.