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Time & Music

Time is a transitional stream, a rhythm scripted and imprinted with tones colors and events, perpetually coding history. Unique to the perspective of now, yesterday’s tomorrow is always today. While we keep on ticking in rhythm, the symphony of our life, is being accurately recorded by music. Playback is always in the future...Tomorrow keeps coming.


LIES (So Easy)

Lyrics by Loris Holland 

Music By Loris Holland and Liam Dirham

Lies, addresses the rising contamination of deception, greed and fear on global society. The reality of life today. We can rise above it.
It is another  single from the forthcoming TimeShadow album, titled Tomorrow (AM).
Tomorrow (AM) is a collection of Worldbeat/Future Pop and Electric/Reggae songs about the current natural and spiritual status of humanity, with songs of peace & love, hope and reality, in a time when we the world, need to regain our sanity and come together as one.




LIES (So Easy) Time Shadow

Blow This Cloud Away TimeShadow

Look Out One For Another by TimeShadow Music

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