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Tomorrow (AM) is a collection of Worldbeat and electric/Reggae songs about the current natural and spiritual status of humanity, with songs of hope and reality in a time when we need to regain our sanity and come together as one.

1. Drink From The River

Contamination, spiritual dehydration and moral evaporation permeating all nations.If you’re thirsty for mercy, come take a drink from the river of water that flows from the belly of God.

2. Lies

In a world tangled with webs of deceit,Lies poison connections, hearts forced to retreat.For truth is the currency that sets us free,A beacon of authenticity, guiding us to be.Let honesty be our compass, our guiding light,Unveiling illusions, dispelling the blight.In a realm starved for sincerity's embrace,Let truth reign supreme, restoring faith's grace

3. We Need ( L.O.V.E.)

Like desserts crave raindrops, we need love.

 In this realm of cruelty and strife, where shadows dance upon weary souls, 

we need love as the oxygen that fuels our spirits, breathing life into our weary bones. It is the guiding light illuminating the darkness that threatens to consume us. 

Truly… God is Love!

He is the  song that reverberates through our beings, harmonizing the dissonance that permeates this world. So let us embrace this spiritual  gift with open hearts, for it is in Love’s embrace that we find the resilience to not just survive, but to thrive.

4. Hypocrite 

In a world of masks and veiled deceit, our society, a paradox complete. Words like honey, with bitter intent, embracing facade, authenticity spent. Double standards thrive, truth in disguise, a hypocritical stage where pretense lies. But within our hearts, a longing stirs, for a society true, where honesty occurs.

5. Blow This Cloud Away

In the depths of our being, God created a flame that always  burns, an ember of life, glowing from lessons learned.

So we rise from the ashes, with hearts that defy, transcending the darkness, reaching for the sky.

Blow this cloud away, we chant with might,

Embracing our worth, reclaiming our light. The winds of faith clear the way to a sunny day. 

6. Six Feet ( U Betta Back Up)

Six Feet, describes the emotional saga of social distancing, during the COVID19 pandemic.

7. Assassinate Stress

In the hustle and chaos, stress takes its toll,

A thief of peace, devouring the soul.

But in our quest for a life more serene,

We must assassinate stress, let it be seen.

With mindful breaths, we reclaim our might,

Freeing ourselves from its relentless plight.

For in the absence of stress, life extends its lease, A dance for joy , a sweet release.

8. A Brand New Day 

At daybreak's call, we rise, souls ablaze,

Grateful for life's rhythm, in vibrant array.

Each breath, a blessing, a chance to embrace,

The marvels of existence, in this boundless space of God’s creation.

9. All U Need Is Love

An electric reggae remake, originally recorded by  The Beatles  The TimeShadow version echoes the original, that simple selfless acts of love possess the greatest power for all humanity. The song fades out  with an  extended outro of Caribbean/gospel flavors.

10. We Can Do It

In the face of challenges, we rise as one,

Together, unstoppable, our journey has begun.

With hearts fired up, and spirits ignited,

We push through, undeterred and united.

Bound by a common purpose, we pursue,

Yeah, we got this, there's nothing we can't do.

We’ll get through it, we will prove it, together we can do it.

11. Now And Forever

Negativity is not meant for me

Positivity is a friend to me 

Dance if you’re brave 

Say with me “no more slaves”

 I’m gonna Breakaway the chains and sing

In the end we all want the same thing

Love as the ending 

Now, and forever 

12. The Blood Of Jesus

His blood, a powerful current, pure and true,

Restoring hearts, making all things new.

A sacrifice of Love, washed our sins away,

Cleansed and redeemed, like snow on a winter's day.

In this wondrous act of divine grace,

We find forgiveness, in His embrace.

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