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TimeShadow is a peace pusher...follower of the Prince Of Peace.

PEACE. The ultimate need for the survival of humanity. Peace is a sign of growth, a sign of great community, with a power that calms and controls even nature.

Well, turn on the news, wars are raging throughout the world, among neighbors, families, communities, countries, regions, religions, corporations, businesses, political factions, etc. The list is long and obviously our survival demands that we make a serious effort to preserve peace. It’s that time. Tick...tick...tick.
Peace signs were popular during anti-war the 60s. “Hey, Peace & Love, man!” Remember the hippies? They were societal outcasts, but their passion for music, non-violence, beautiful tie dye colors, cannabis and Peace signs were strong statements of those times, and still resonates with us.

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Peace Sign Created

Artist Gerald Holtom designed the peace sign in 1958. It was made for a march to support a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. A great cause, obviously one that makes sense for all life, one that continues today 60 years later.To understand how Holtom designed the peace sign, you must first know what flag semaphore is. A person standing far away can use flags to signal letters and meanings. These signals are called semaphores. The semaphore signal for N, is that both flags are held at a 45-degree angle downwards to create an upside down V. The semaphore signal for D, is one flag pointing directly up and one flag pointing directly down, creating a straight vertical line. The letters N and D stand for Nuclear Disarmament.
Semaphore "N". Semaphore "D".Holtom simply superimposed the semaphore letters N and D, then put a circle around it, and voila, the Peace sign was made.Only a few years after the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament began using the peace sign, the anti-war movement in the United States in the 1960s adopted it. The Peace symbol was in many ways a symbol of the 1960s. The sign lives on today, and is now internationally recognized as the symbol for peace.The scars of war are unmanageable.( TS picture poster)Holtom first designed the peace symbol as a Christian cross inside a circle, but the Christian community did not like the idea, so Holtom discarded it.Why would the Christian community not want to be associated with a symbol for peace, when Jesus Christ is also known as The Prince Of Peace? Obviously deception played a role in the attempt to disassociate from a symbol, which represents a pillar in Christian faith. Eternal peace.Seems like divine intervention ...The symbol still was created and has impacted the world, branded as the symbol for peace. Peace is an enormous blessing, and the promotion of it is key to our survival.The cause of peace must be reborn in this generation or we will all perish. Let’s reignite the peace movement of the 60s, and create and prioritize our global need of survival. It cannot be achieved without each other. A hand cannot wash itself.One hand washes the other.

TimeShadow Peace Mission

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